Bright spots on Ceres


Closest-yet view of dwarf planet Ceres, taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft on May 4, 2015, from a distance of 13,600 kilometers. The image resolution is 1.3 kilometers per pixel.Shown here is the northern hemisphere of...


Jupiter with Io and Europa


Voyager 1 took this image of Jupiter and two of its satellites (Io, left, and Europa) on February 13, 1979, from a distance of about 20 million kilometers. Io is about 350,000 kilometers above Jupiter’s...


Color mosaic of Olympus Mons


Mosaic of the Martian Olympus Mons volcano and its surrounding plains made from two color composites using the following Viking 1 Orbiter images:f735a41 and f735a42 (violet), f735a45 and f735a46 (green), f735a47 and f735a48 (red). These...


Saturn above Rhea’s Horizon


This image shows Saturn above Rhea’s horizon and is an artistic combination of the following two images:1. Saturn with the big white storm on its northern hemisphere, taken by the Cassini spacecraft on January 02,...